Excited of FIFA first ever console app

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Spotify has just launched its first ever console app - exclusive to the PlayStation 4 - and it’s got us rather excited.


Replacing Sony’s own Music Unlimited service, the app itself is integrated into the PS4 console at system level, which means that you can use it to play music in the background of every single PS4 game.


That means you can play your own music (including custom playlists) while still enjoying in-game dialogue and sound effects.


Playlist sharing is also supported, which means we expect to see an influx of gamer-created custom playlists for different games making the rounds on the interwebs very soon.


Users can also control music playback from a micro-player that pops up in the options menu, as well as from an iOS or Android device, running the Spotify app.


The app itself is compatible with both free and premium Spotify accounts, serving up access to the streaming services 30 million-strong track library.


PlayStation has exclusive access to Spotify’s new apps service for the foreseeable future, though what that means for Xbox One owners exactly remains to be seen.  

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