Top five clubs Matchday ratings and opinion in-game

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EA updates the team and player ratings in FIFA 15 to reflect real-life performance, and this part of the season is as good as any to see who's on top. Our top five clubs are listed below, a combination of the current Matchday ratings and opinion on how effective the teams are in-game:





Though not called in the aforementioned animation as the blow of Europe's aristocratic in the endure few years, the accepted Juventus ancillary is absolutely good. You ability see added PSG or Manchester City arena online, but this aggregation is bigger in the bold on paper. The outrageously accomplished Pogba is now an 87 and can score, create, and avert in midfield, while Tevez is as able as anytime up top. Perhaps the world's best all-around amateur Arturo Vidal (87) will accomplish this ancillary difficult to breach down and can advice the scoring. If there's a weakness to this aggregation it's in its speed, but the aforementioned could be argued for City's midfield and defense. Juventus may not anon appear to apperception as a top team, but they're currently arch Serie A and are rated able-bodied in FIFA 15.


4. Chelsea



Chelsea are a ascendant force so far this season, and Belgian brilliant Eden Hazard is arch the way with his apple chic talent.


Though they're arena like the additional or third best aggregation in the world, the FIFA 15 ratings don't absolutely get that anatomy across. This is due in allotment to Mourinho's focus on aggregation accomplishment and appropriate efficiency, but there are of advance some angle out stars. The 89-rated Eden Hazard is in animated form, and can calmly exhausted players on the distill with his acceleration in FIFA 15. Goal-scoring apparatus Diego Costa (87) will catechumen up top, and Fabregas' (87, which should arguably be college accustomed his abetment record) casual can barrage the absolute attack. The actual pacey Willian (82) can accommodate addition outlet, and Matic locks the bold down in midfield. Appear at your opponents with burden and acceleration and Cheslsea can account easily. Courtois (86) is actual difficult to exhausted amid the sticks, and a able aegis will advice assure any advance you earn.


3. Bayern Munich



The German champions are benumbed through the Bundesliga appropriate now, and one attending at their agenda shows why. The aggregation is ample from aback to front, with the world's best goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (90) backstopping an already assertive squad. Lewandowski can accomplishment any chance, and he's belted by catchy speedsters Robben (90) and Ribery (88). Goetze (86) and Muller (86) can circle into a amount of positions as well, commutual an absurdly able advancing band. With solid defenders and passers in Schweinsteiger and Alonso (or Lahm if he's not at fullback) acknowledging them, this is an acutely difficult aggregation to breach down, and the advancing blackmail is consistently present.


2. Barcelona



Luis Enrique's Barcelona are still in the appellation chase admitting an unimpressive start, with Lionel Messi in top form.


While they're not arena amazingly able-bodied in absolute life, Barcelona's actual awful rated aggregation is absolutely able in FIFA 15. The cool advancing leash of Messi (95), Neymar (88) and Suarez (91) cannot be matched, but it can sometimes be difficult to get the aggregation flowing. Arena as Barcelona consistently seems to accomplish you play like Barcelona, and a top columnist casual bold can be alarming to cull off. If you instead yield advantage of the attackers' dribbling abilities and pace, you'll acceptable be able to exhausted any aegis advanced of you. The midfield is awful rated as well, but it's a bit slower and added pass-focused than Madrid's--speed kills in FIFA 15, and that's why Barcelona sits second.


1. Absolute Madrid



As is usually the case, the Spanish giants appear in on top of the ratings. While Barcelona may accept some added highly-rated players, the appearance Madrid plays and the acceleration of its attackers are artlessly actual able in FIFA. The 92-rated Ronaldo is the easiest amateur with which to exhausted defenses and account with in the game, and Bale is even faster on the added wing. Combine those two with the accomplished dribblers and passers in the midfield, and Madrid can cut opponents afar on the adverse or aces out passes to alleviate defenses. Appropriate aback and goalkeeper are arguably anniversary spots, but Casillas still pulls off abundant saves and Ramos and Pepe are a allotment of the a lot of able combinations around.

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