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Looking for top players to sign on a budget in Career Mode? Whether you’re after a quick striker for under a million quid, a promising winger, a solid defender or a free-kick expert, you should find players here that fit the coins for your club.






LW * Juventus * 67 OVR

Juve wonderkid Coman is the second most-expensive player here, but as soon as you get him in your team you’ll have no doubt that you spent wisely. He feels great on the ball straight away thanks to a dribbling attribute in the high 70s, and he’s got loads of pace so getting past and burning away from defenders isn’t a problem. You’ll have to hold on until the second season to sign him, when Juventus should accept offers around £3 million.




RM * Fulham * 65 OVR

In the year 2018 of one of my saves, winger Roberts is playing for Barcelona, who are being managed by the AI. That’s how good he becomes. He’s an excellent dribbler with enough acceleration to burst past defenders – which is key as he needs to avoid physical challenges – and he feels very comfortable in possession from season one. Sign him early before his price climbs – Fulham should sell for £3.5 million in the first January window.





ST * MK Dons * 60 OVR

If you like your strikers to be rapid, packed with potential and available for less than £1 million, then Devante Cole is for you. He can be signed right from the start of the game for around £750k and, with acceleration in the high 80s and sprint speed in the 90s, he’s absolutely lightning. A few seasons in for me, Cole’s Overall rating is up in the 70s and he’s become an excellent finisher who’s capable of beating the keeper from inside or outside the penalty area.




ST * Stoke * 55 OVR

Don’t be put off by Skapetis’ starting Overall of 55 – four seasons into one of my saves that has flown up to 82 and is still climbing. His acceleration, sprint speed and dribbling improve very quickly but his stand out attribute for me is definitely his finishing, which is in the high 80s in my game. You can’t sign him permanently at the start of a new career, but Stoke will listen to offers in January and I managed to buy him for just £120k. Be sure to add Skapetis to your next shortlist and swoop as soon as you can.




ST * Bolton * 62 OVR

Like Skapetis, Max Clayton is another promising young striker whose Overall climbs rapidly along with his transfer value. With acceleration and sprint speed in the 80s at the start of the game, he becomes incredibly fast after a couple of seasons of action and an effective finisher with both feet. Again he can’t be signed straight away as he only joined Bolton last year, but you’ll eventually be able to persuade his club to sell for around £750k.





RB * Nottingham Forest * 64 OVR Full-back Todd Kane feels solid from the start of the game and improves well over time. He begins with plenty of pace and stamina plus useful crossing and dribbling attributes, so he’s good going forward too and only costs about £1.3 million. In my current save his Overall is into the mid 70s and his transfer value has soared – not that I’ll be letting him go anytime soon.




LB * FC Groningen * 65 OVR

It’s always handy to have a great free-kick taker in your team, and Van Nieff is right up there with some of the best. The left-back, who can also play in midfield, starts off with a free-kick accuracy of 85, which will climb steadily for the first few seasons – he’s into the 90s right now for me. Van Nieff is also a good passer, a capable ball winner and will cost you just £750k.




CB * Terni * 65 OVR

No matter what game mode I’m playing, I like my centre-backs to have plenty of acceleration and sprint speed, as it offers some protection against strikers running through. Masi, who you can sign in the first window for around £1.4 million, begins with enough pace for me and gets faster as the seasons go on. In one of my saves he has 75 for both speed attributes, plus his Overall has jumped up to 75 and is showing no signs of stopping there.




CB * Sporting KC * 67 OVR

If Masi’s pace doesn’t sound like it’s enough then you’ll want to sign Sporting KC centre-back Ike Opara. At the start of a new save he has acceleration and sprint speed ratings in the low 90s, so there aren’t that many strikers who are rapid enough to get aw

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