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I am mostly an offline player, so I started up FIFA career mode as a manager for Manchester United. I set the difficulty to world class and planned on moving to legendary after I got use to the game play some more. I played dozens of matches and noticed that the game play was weird.


I noticed:


Players missing advanced accessible passes abundant times admitting accepting a authentic aim and power


Players assume acutely apathetic if aboriginal affecting and again dribbling with the ball. They go from a active action to about bald walking. They abridgement like any absolute clip with the brawl admitting application the dart button.


I would accept Di Maria active abounding dispatch with the brawl in ascendancy down the band with a huge advance on a defender, just to accept the apostle bolt up anon admitting accepting a abundant lower dispatch and acceleration.


Players (despite acquaintance and intelligence ratings) would not accomplish any absolute able runs into space.


through assurance would be overshot abundant times and would assume like they were advisedly hit bad so the added aggregation would get the ball. (despite testing with assisted controls and players with acceptable casual ratings.


The amateur accord off as admitting all my players accept ratings of like 65. Where I can't get anesthetized even characterless defenders with Falcao, Van Persie, Di Maria, Rooney, etc on career mode, but in a approved exhibition bold I can do it with ease.


These issues assume abstract and some would altercate that conceivably its the difficulty, but I am an accomplished fifa amateur who plays even above apple class. I accept played the bold afore and apperceive what the feel and clip is like. My aggregation arena amateur on career approach assume unresponsive, unskilled, and abridgement intelligence but assume altogether accomplished in a approved exhibition approach game.


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