Top 5 players who deserve January Upgrades

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Full FIFA can now confirm the release date for the first batch of EA FIFA 15 winter upgrades.This year, we can expect a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat, winter upgrades will be released next Friday, February 13th, 2015. According to our inside sources, it is expected that the upgraded players will be entering packs at 6pm GMT.


The anticipation is building for winter upgrades, following the remarkable TOTY release that featured a 99-rated Cristiano Ronaldo and 96-rated Manuel Neuer. In addition, EA has released four batches of winter transfers to-date. What’s next?



Gold In-Forms


The regular card located in transfer market and in your club remains the same. The in-form (IF) card only come in new packs. However, the in-forms both on the market and in the club receive a ‘live’ boost equal to that of the upgrade.


For example, if Alexandre Lacazette gets upgraded from a 79 to an 81 the this is what will happen. His 79 card will not be changed, but will be replaced in packs with his 81 card. His 80 and 81 rated in-forms that people own will automatically be upgraded to 82 and 83 in-forms, with stats upgraded to correspond with his new overall.


Silver In-Forms


Whenever a silver player gets upgraded to a gold card, the silver IF card does not get upgraded. For example, if Harry Kane gets an upgrade from a 68 to 76 gold card, his 71 IF card remains the same.


No In-Forms


If a player has not received an IF card, but will get an upgrade, the old card located on the market or in your club remains the same. The newly upgraded card will only come in new packs.  There will be a resulting drop in price of the old card and a price hike for the new card.


We are a week away from January upgrades, so start saving your coins!

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