The Top Useful Items for Player in Tera

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Massively multiplayer online role-playing games in our time getting more popularity and satisfy every player while playing it. TERA is set up in a fantasy world, where you can take a role of one of the eight classes within six various races. They are working together to clean up the evil world. In TERA there are several types of items that are very useful during the game and that can considerably speed up the process of gaining experience. 




Charms are a kind of items that you activate at the campfire. For the duration of 15 (or 20, depending on the campfire) minutes, they enhance the specific statistics, which considerable buffs your character. There is a wide variety of charms, whose effects differ, and so do their level of advancement (ranging from the weakest, to the ones that provide a huge bonus). Charms are divided into 3 groups:


  • Offensive - increase your combat performance like the strength of attacks or chances for a critical hit
  • Defensive -increase your defensive capabilities like the potency of your armor, decreases the probability of being knocked down by the opponent or cuts down the duration of the DoT effects.
  • Supplementary - e.g. increases the rate at which health and mana regenerate.


For the majority of the game, you will not afford to buy the advanced versions of charms and you will have to use the ones that monsters drop. When you already have hard cash amounting to several hundred/thousand gp you should turn your interest to the three kinds of charms:


  • Greater Power Charm - maxes out on the Power statistic, while increasing the damage that you deal. The best one from the group of offensive charms, while fighting for experience.
  • Greater Enduring Charm - maxes out on Endurance, while increasing your defense and decreasing the probability that the enemy will stun you or knock you down. The best one from the group of defensive charms , while fighting for experience.
  • Greater Infused Charm - maxes out on mana regeneration, which should allow you to use your skills easily. The best one of the charms from the supplementary group, while fighting for experience.


Each one of these charms is 8 gp but the effect that they offer is entirely worth this price. If you do not want to pay as much, you should invest in the charms without the "Greater" in front of the name - it costs you 1 gp a piece and the effect is the same, but they raise the statistics by a random value.


Always try to keep the effects of charms on you, and especially when you encounter a BAM or a boss.



  • These are all kinds of enhancements which, for a specific period of time increase:
  • The amount of exp that you receive for killing mobs
  • The amount of exp that you gain for completing quests
  • The amount of gold dropped by mobs
  • The amount of gold that you receive for completing a quest
  • Attack or defense by a specific value


The duration of boosts ranges from an hour to several hours. You cannot obtain them in a way any other than be completing a quest, for completing a battleground or at the Auction House. Some eboosts (e.g. the one that raises the amount of experience points received from killing a mob) cost a lot of tera gold and you should consider whether to buy one or not. If you plan on using a boost, do it at the moment at which you are sure that you will be able to profit from it - do not waste it when you are staying at the city, looking for new equipment.



Apart from potions that replenish health, mana and stamina, in TERA there also are potions that reduce cooldown times for skills. There are two kinds of these: potions that reduce cooldown times for short and long range skills - from the kind of the potion that you are going to be using, depends what character class you are playing as.


It may seem that reducing cooldown times by several percent may be not worth the several gold pieces that the potion costs, but this could not be further from the truth! This is especially useful while fighting a BAM, where replenishing a dodging or healing skill, a half of a second earlier, may save your life. Therefore, you should obtain these potions on a regular basis and use the, at least before fights with BAMs - and if you have enough gold, also before each major battle.

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