How to use this Fifa 15 online coin generator?

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You probably have been waiting for this. It′s a new Fifa 15 coin generator that is known to work since I tested it myself a couple of days ago and it worked 100%. There′s not much to talk about this generator. It is something that gives you coins in Fifa 15 for free and it is really straight forward to use. Would you like free coins in Fifa 15? I′m sure you do. This tool changed the way I play Fifa. Before I had to force myself to save and gather all the resources to buy the player I want. This is the way developers want us to play this game. After playing it a while, I realized that there has to be something that makes this all a little easier and gives you an edge over your competitors or friends.This friend is a huge Fifa 15 player and has used this Fifa 15 coin generator for several times without any issues.


It′s simple. You can see some links in this post that redirect you to this coin generator for Fifa 15. Click this link and you land on this online Fifa 15 coin generator for free coins. It is totally safe and tested by me and many of my friends, all of them are happy and just love this little life hack so to speak. Ok, you can see you have to enter your EA e-mail, right? Enter it, you don′t have to download anything since all processes take place online. On the next page you can choose how many free coins you would like to see in your Fifa 15 account. Make your choice and click the generate button. You can then see this Fifa 15 coin generator in action. It accesses EA API via anonymous proxy and adds resources to your account. This process usually takes around 1-2 minutes, after which you get a pop up with results. Log in to your Fifa 15 account and use the coins you just got and don′t think about saving ever again since now you have all the best players money can buy!

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