How to get Hildebrandt's Palace in Lost Ark?

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Clearing the dungeons in Lost Ark becomes more difficult as you progress to the later stages. In particular, the Abyssal Dungeon of Hildebrandt's Palace can be very difficult to complete due to its difficulty and high requirements. Therefore, we have compiled a guide to help players complete the Abyssal Dungeon of Hildebrandt's Palace.

How to get Hildebrandt



How to get through the dungeon Hildebrandt's Palace?

You need to have at least 460 equipment points to complete the quest. In addition, you will also not be able to access Hildebrandt's Palace if you have not cleared the first three Abyss dungeons.



Defeated the Queen of the Phantom Legion

The first boss you will encounter in the dungeon is the fearsome Queen of the Phantom Legion. She is powerful and can wipe out an entire health bar in seconds. Hence, it is vital to understand her attack pattern and maneuver carefully in Lost Ark combat.



One of her most significant attacks is when she releases a circular wave that deals massive damage if it comes into contact with you. If you look closely, the circular wave is divided into four parts, one of which is empty. The idea is to go to an empty part to avoid incoming damage. Before she starts her attack, two purple orbs will appear above her head and move to one of the corners of the dungeon. Wherever the balls go, you need to follow them, as it will be an empty place when she launches a circular wave. However, this will happen in seconds, so be on the lookout.



Her other main attack is even nastier when she teleports to the dungeon's center and levitates and emits purple waves that instantly kill anyone who touches her. When she does, mirrors will appear on the map, which you must use to avoid the waves of death. These mirrors act as teleporters and take you from one place to another. However, you can't just use any random mirror as that will lead to your doom. Instead, you need to look for two mirrors of the same color and use them to teleport.


Apart from the above attacks, she uses shockwaves and elemental attacks to fight. However, they are pretty easy to deal with and shouldn't bother you much.



Victory Over Brelshaza

Once the Queen of the Phantom Legion has been defeated, you will face Brelshaza, the second boss of the dungeon. Unlike the first boss, none of Brelshaza's attacks can instantly knock you out (in phase 1); however, she is stronger than the Queen of the Phantom Legion and will bypass anyone who comes unprepared.



Brelshaza consists of two phases that you need to defeat. In the first phase, she will sometimes tilt the entire floor by 45% and cause massive boulders to roll off the top of the floor constantly. Any player hit by the boulder will take massive damage and be knocked to the bottom of the floor. There is no strategy here, and you must rely on your reflexes and fast movement to avoid the boulders. When summoning a boulder, she will also summon a meteorite on any random player, indicated by a significant red marker. Once this happens, the player needs to move closer to Brelshaza and use the incoming meteorite to deal damage. There is a health bar at the top of Brelshaza that players can only decrease with these meteorites (regular attacks won't work). In addition, the dungeon will return to its normal state only after


She will also summon spirits to fight you and your team in the first phase. These spirits attack in a cone and can freeze anyone they hit.



After being defeated, Brelshaza will enter the second phase, where her attacks will become more powerful and chaotic. She gains a shield as soon as the second phase begins, and you must quickly destroy it. Otherwise, one single attack will result in your death. When Brelshaza's health drops to 15, she will damage a random player in your group, and three black orbs will appear above the player. Meanwhile, the other three players will receive a beacon of light, which they must point at the marked player within 10 seconds. While this may be easy, it is challenging as Brelshaza will constantly try to strangle everyone. If you and your team manage to do this in time, you can avoid the AOE damage from the incoming meteor. However, if you don't, you will die immediately.


That's all you need to know when trying to complete the Hildebrandt's Palace Abyss dungeon. Remember that dungeon fights are more about dodging and successfully overcoming various tricks than high DPS values.


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