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Much info about FIFA 22 was released yesterday, and many new features were seen. Let's take a look at the things we've missed. The trailer looks like grass textures seem to be updated and more realistic compared to FIFA 21 next-gen gameplay.


Luis Suarez Arm Tattoo



Christian Pulisic Arm Tattoo

Christian Pulisic


Ederson leg Tattoo

Ederson leg


Marco Verratti Arm Tattoo

Marco Verratti


Roberto Firmino Arm Tattoo

Roberto Firmino


It's confirmed that the warm-up kits and children from the FIFA 21 next-gen trailer will now be a new feature in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Children


The warm-up kits look like this from the beta gameplay leaked. Hopefully, we see more small details like this FIFA 22.


FIFA 22 Kits


New Flag Styles

New Flag Styles


Italy Update

Italy Update


Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu


In career mode, you can now create your club, stadium, and kit. You can also play with your pro on your team. The social media feature will be added as well.


"Create football's newest team, design your unique kit, stadium, and badge, and manage your club to glory in Career Mode, alongside an overhauled player career mode that immerses you in your pro's journey like never before."


Atletico Madrid Trailer

New Skill Move

Son Signature Celebration

New Camera Celebration

Kevin De Bruyne Strand Hair Update

Luka Modric Strand Hair Update


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