FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Guide

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The first edition of FUT United took place between 7PM GMT on November 14, 2014 and 11:59PM GMT on November 16, 2014. You can click here to check more details about the grand prize.


While the second edition will soon be coming between February 13 5pm (UK time) and February 15 5pm (UK time), 2015. We will update this post, as soon as EA reveals more details officially.


According to the ‘Five Years of FUT’ campaign, up to 5 Chargeless Rare Gold Packs will be accessible throughout the week. There aswell three things you charge to know: the adventitious to get VIP tickets for a BPL bout or win 1 actor coins; a appropriate tournament; and appropriate Happy Hours.


EA will apparently absolution chargeless packs to admirers back they gave 5 chargeless packs endure year. It is acceptable to appear something agnate again. To be accepted soon. But what absolutely the prizes are? One amalgamation which includes round-trip airfare and apartment for two humans to see two Barclays Premier League matches and different winners of 1 actor bread cost packs for use in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We are not abiding which BPL matches will be included.


You can be acceptable for these prizes if play and win any FIFA Ultimate Team bout amid 7PM GMT on February 6, 2014 and 11:59PM GMT on February 8, 2015.


(which includes the mode’s anterior match, seasons, tournaments and challenges, both online and off) in FIFA 15.


While the challenge is alone accurate for admirers from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada (excluding Quebec) Chile, China, including Taiwan, France, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States (excluding Florida and New York).


These prizes are accessible for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox 360, XBox One and PC. There are apparently packs including 15K, 25K, 50K accessible during the FUT United for FIFA 15 weekend.


Importantly, coins price will go down especially during the best Happy Hours and gifts. Don’t expect a crash like happened with Black Friday 

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