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Attacking in FIFA is a aggregate of developing play, alive openings and finishing affairs if they appear. Against a acceptable amateur you may alone get one or two openings so it is important that you apperceive the best means to acknowledge in altered bearings in adjustment to put abroad those all important goals. It is a lot altered in FIFA15 with so abounding means to advance and cutting now actual different. Formation and tactics, appearance of play and players all access the attack.


1. First touch

Trapping the ball. As above this only works well with very high rated players or high ball control. Press LT or L2 to trap the ball and higher skilled players will cushion the ball with different parts of the foot or even chest. You can also try using the LB or L1 to trap the ball as that is the button for stopping and facing the goal. Works really well for stopping ball generally from a pass.


Small nudge. As the ball arrives nudge the left stick in the direction you want to pass or run next. Your player will turn his body and nudge the ball in that direction as his first touch. This is extremely effective for making a small bit of space for your next pass or to create space for a shot.


Knock on. Use right stick this time to knock the ball further ahead into space as you are about to receive the ball. If there is space flick the right stick towards it and your player will burst in that direction. Flick the stick twice or three times and he will knock the ball on further and further. Excellent for wingers looking for that space to get a cross in and strikers to beat the defender for a shot.



2. Holding the ball

Just hold left trigger (LT or L2) to shield the ball. This is really effective so practice using it. One of the best ways to defend in FIFA15.


If a player is running onto you the best method for keeping the ball is to either pass it away if a pass is available, or back away and try to turn the on rushing player. To do this, ensure your player is facing either diagonally away or has his back fully turned from your opponent and then start moving in the direction away to prevent a rushing tackle.


You can now use slow dribble hold just the left bumper (LB or L1) to turn in small angles. If they are directly behind you, you should be able to turn easily in either direction with no tackle made. If however they start to try move up and press on one side ensure you turn to the opposite side in order to prevent a tackle. Some opposition may hold off slightly and press form a slight distance. In this case try turning slightly in one direction then going the opposite way to confuse them. 


3. Sending players on runs

In order to send your players on a run tap the left bumper TWICE (LB or L1). This will cause a nearby player to point forward to where he is heading and proceed to run towards goal.


If done correctly you can use it to get your players to run past the opposing players before you pass to them moving the ball up the pitch, or allow them to run in behind the defense ready to receive the ball you play round the back putting them through on goal.


Remember that just because you have sent them on a run, you don’t necessarily have to pass the ball to them. The space they run into might get closed down, or a better ball may be on so use this method to move your players higher up the pitch and to create space by dragging defender away.


When going on a run, players will keep going until they are in an offside position before stopping and re-taking their position so make sure that the ball is released before the receiver is offside.


4. Passing

Passing in FIFA 15 really is quicker and smoother and more responsive. Any players with high ball control and passing are awesome in FIFA 15. Players like Messi will rarely make a bad pass. If your player has used energy running and low stamina passing will be slightly worse. Generally with assisted passes will go where you want but these two variables do influence the outcome. Also aftertouch can still be used in FIFA 15. After releasing pass button curl the left stick around in different directions to watch the ball curl. If playing Ultimate team make sure the overall team chemistry is as high as possible, 85+ ideally over 90. Players with 7 chem will perform fine if top players.


5. Driven lobbed ball

To play a driven through ball, hold right bumper (RB or R1)and press lobbed pass. This will play the ball the ball reasonably low but with power so that it reaches the player quickly.


This can be useful to use from distance to play a long ball in to a player or alternatively around the box where. When played as a short ball with not much power it will drive a pass to the attacker above the feet of any defenders nearby making it hard for them to intercept it and creating space for the attacker once controlled to play the ball on or take a shot.

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