FIFA 15 potential winter updates around the Premier League

FIFA 15 Date: Feb/01/15 00:44:45 Views: 261

Time coming near to the Winter Upgrades that happen every year on Ultimate Team for FIFA 15. For many players looking forward to this updates.So here are 3 more players that may receive an upgrade, and all 3 are centered around the Premier League.


Sergio Aguero



I'm not really sure why Aguero was downgraded from an 88 to an 86 between these last two FIFA's, but I guess they're going to fix that mistake with this next batch of upgrades. Aguero, even while missing a couple of weeks has been great this season already scoring 14 goals, if he stays healthy he could easily break that 30 goal mark. But the upgrade is definitely wort it and the card to match is absolutely insane. 90+ in pace, dribbling and shot, with enough passing to make him viable on crosses and the physical that wont allow him to be taken down that easy. His 86 rated card is already worth over 300K on Xbox, if he gets the boost to an 88, his price would go to at least 500K AND his inform would shoot up to over a million. Make this happen EA!


Cesc Fabregas




It's honestly really surprising that Cesc Fabregas hasn't had an inform card yet on this FIFA, as he's been in excellent form since coming back to the BPL. He's on pace to break the all-time assist record in the league, and has just been playing phenominally. He'd get a bump up to an 86, and while the stats aside from passing aren't incredible, people undervalue how important that is. He's one of my favorite center midfielders in the game, and this boost will probably see him being worth around 15K for the first few weeks.


Diego Costa




Fabregas had to have been passing it to someone that scores a lot of goals for him to have such a high assist total right? That man giving him all those assists is Diego Costa. After a relatively poor performance from him at the World Cup, he's been nothing short of excellent for Chelsea this season. He's been a great finisher and the goalscorer that has the team in 1st place in the BPL. He's been without a doubt one of the best strikers in the world and this upgrade would reflect that. That regular card on its own is insanely good, his second inform would become an 89 rated which would just be a dream and would be worth a lot. If you have the coins to buy his second inform, do it because the price will skyrocket.

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